Welcome the Police Square Club of the City of New York

The Police Square Club is one of the many fraternal organizations recognized by the New York City Police Department. We are proud members of the Committee of Police Societies and the N.Y. State league of Masonic Clubs.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of the Month from September to June, with no meetings taking place in the Summer. Our members are all 3rd degree Master Masons in the Masonic Fraternity. If you are an active or retired Uniformed or Civilian Member of the Service and a 3rd degree Master Mason, we encourage you to join our organization and enjoy fellowship and charity with your fellow Brethren.

The photo below was taken at our Brotherhood Night meeting in 2013. Some of our Past Presidents in attendance.


In loving memory of our Brothers Bro. Walter Heinsohn (bot.l.) and

RW James "Jimmy" Leete (bot. r.).